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Trento, Italia

El objetivo de este estudio fue evaluar la eficacia de los programas de actividad física en el hogar, personalizados para adultos mayores, a través de una aplicación de tableta (gymCentral), y para explorar la relación con el bienestar físico , psicológico y social. El estudio fue dirigido por Smart Crowds Territorial Lab. ... (read more)

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La ciencia detrás de gymCentral

Aprenda sobre la sólida base de investigación que sustenta nuestros servicios

Usability and effectiveness of tablet-based training programs

The research group behind gymcentral has been running several user studies with people of different skills and culture, from younger to frail adults, where we have not only demonstrated that tablet-based training programs are feasible, but their are significantly more engaging and effective compared to paper and pen instructions.

Relationship between health and wellbeing

Regular physical activity or exercise substantially prevents the development and progression of most chronic degenerative diseases [Chodzko- Zajko et al 2009]; it is of benefit to frail and older persons, and is the only therapy found to consistently improve sarcopenia, physical function, cognitive performance and mood in older adults [Landi et al. 2010]. For older people, a sedentary lifestyle also increases the risk of falls, whereas physically active older people have a reduced risk of falls with injuries [Thibaud et al. 2011]. In summary, to increase people’s quality of life and fitness, we need to encourage them to become more physically active.

Relationship between physical health and mental health

The Latin used to say "mens sana in corpore sano". Physical and mental health are closely related, at all ages. As we get older, physical activity also plays a role in delaying the onset of dementia. Physcal activity is even related to happiness: the more active you are, the happier you are. Gymcentral training exploit this correlation by tuning exercises to maximize your mental health and to balance your soul. It has also been known for thousands of years that meditation and mindfulness practice help us become free of stress. These are practices that can be learned and that, if applied, will make a big difference in our lives. Gymcentral trains you in meditation and keeps you hooked to it.

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