Your real fitness classes in your virtual fitness club

Reach thousands of users

Reach users who can go to gym (even those subscribed to a physical gym) and those who can't.

Monetize your offerings

Earn based on subscriptions. You define the price.

Provide the best online training services

Provide services to groups and individuals, whether live or offline. You decide the best channel for you and your trainees.

Catch the long tail

Offer your services to people with special needs.

Up-sell / cross-sell

Boost your sales by enabling the acquisition channels offered by the platform.

Know your gym members, personalize

Connect and give support to your trainees. Track their progress, give feedback and personalize their training.

gymCentral for the Coach

Offer training programs online

Define the training classes you want to offer, and easily build a training program. Training sessions can be delivered live or recorded, you choose!.

Powerful tools for building and delivering training sessions

We offer you the tools for easily delivering the best training sessions. Set different exercises, different intensity levels and the performance indicators you want to monitor.

Personalise your training offers

Monitor the progress and control the progress of your trainees. As in an actual gym you can suggest elevating the intensity of your offerings according to the individual performance.

Safe and personal

In addition, the personalization features allow you to exclude exercises that might not be recommended for specific individuals. A personal diary will also allow you to keep track of observations along the training program.

Everything in one place

Monitor your training offerings from one single place using the gymCentral dashboard, and react properly thanks to the custom notification features.

Engage and support

Provide personalized feedback to your trainees, keep them motivated, and answer their questions using the social features.