Peloton Bike Setup for Beginners – How to set up and Adjust a Peloton bike?

I’ll admit it, I’m a fitness junkie. So when I found out about the Peloton bike – and an exercise bike that allows you to stream live and on-demand fitness classes from your home – I was hooked! As both a runner and cyclist, the idea of being able to combine these two things into one workout was really appealing to me.​

But the Peloton bike isn’t just a pretty face, it’s also backed up by some seriously cool technology. The Peloton app is compatible with Apple TV so you can watch your favorite classes from the comfort of your couch. Just imagine being able to put on a running class and then switch gears and grab a spin class later that day!

So, how do you set up your Peloton bike? We’ve done the heavy lifting for you and walked you through every step of the process. Just follow our instructions below for the best possible experience.​

Setting up your Peloton bike is super easy.

In this article, we’ll walk you through how to properly set up your Peloton bike for the first time or after an upgrade. This should be a quick and easy step-by-step tutorial that will get you on your way in no time!

7 Steps to set up and adjust your new Peloton bike

 Steps to set up and adjust your new Peloton bike

Step 1: Moving your Peloton

Once Peloton delivers your bike, you will need to move it from the truck to the location where you will be riding.

At first glance, you might not think the Peloton bike would be easy to move – but if you have some moving experience under your belt, all it takes is about 15 minutes.

We and Peloton both recommend using two adult people to move your bike. One person should be in charge of holding the front wheel/pedals and the other should hold the back wheel/seat.

It weighs 135 pounds or 61.2 kilos, so 2 people would be enough to move it to your place. If you need to take it to the upstairs or to any corner of the room, make sure the touchscreen is disconnected.

How to disconnect and connect the Peloton touchscreen while moving?

At first, Unplug the monitor cable and then remove the screws on the back of the screen. To reattach the touchscreen, follow the same method (vice-versa)

Step 2: Adjust Seat and handbar’s height and position

now you need to adjust the seat position and height. This is important to ensure the bike is comfortable for you.

The seat is adjustable, so you can adjust it to your size. Set the height and double-check to ensure it’s level and centered. Have someone hold the bike while you adjust the seat.

With your seat at a good height, have someone hold your legs at their natural resting state (this refers to how they are positioned when you are not pedaling).

Just keep the seat from your handbar at one hand distance. you should be able to feel the handlebars comfortable with your hands. when you get used to the bike, you can do some workout routines. The handbar can be adjusted for height. if you do not like it, you can change the position of handlebars and saddle.

Step 3: Stabilize your bike

Setting the outer feet on the front and rear stabilizers on the ground can be done by turning them counterclockwise until they rest firmly on the ground. Gently rock the bike to make sure the wheels are in good condition. This will also make sure that you have enough air in your tires, which is a safety hazard.

7 Steps to set up and adjust your new Peloton bike

Step 4: Turn on the power

Now you need to power your Peloton bike. The power cord is in the bottom of the bike.

Check the image below:  

power cable position of Peloton

From here, supply AC power from your power supply. Then, press and hold the power button on the top back of the screen to turn it on.

Step 5: Connect to WiFi network

Peloton needs an internet connection for live classes and sessions. We recommend that you connect to your home’s WiFi network. While it’s highly unlikely, if needed, the user should set up the Peloton bike to connect to a different network after setting up.

The first thing you want to do is connect your Peloton bike to WiFi internet on your home network. Once you turn on your Peloton bike for the first time, the screen will automatically begin to search all available WiFi networks. Just search for your WiFi name and select to connect.

In case, you change your ISP, you can connect to WiFi from the WiFi setting. So, don’t worry.

Setp 6: Activate Peloton Account

Setp 6: Activate Peloton Account

When you buy a bicycle from Peloton, they provide an activation key. You will have the option to use a username and password instead of using an activation key. Now you need to set all-new membership access. Follow the steps mentioned below to set it up:

  1. You will find three dots (…) at the lower-right corner of your screen. Tap it.
  2. You will need to select “Profile Setting”
  3. Then “Membership”
  4. Now you need to confirm all of your profile information incusing the payment method (card details).
  5. In this step, you can create your leaderboard name. This is what your family and friends will see during an online session.


Now as you have learned how to set up and adjust your Peloton bike, you are ready for your first class! In case it’s not set up yet, contact me or Peloton.

If you have any questions regarding setting up a peloton bike for beginners or any issue please use the comment box below.

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