How to Buy a Used Peloton Bike | Complete Guidelines

A Peloton Bike is now the standard form of indoor cycling. It is a stationary bike with an attached live internet video feed to an instructor who leads the class in real-time. Riders can choose to watch live or pre-recorded classes by different instructors and find their perfect workout.

If you want to save some money and still want to have the experience of Peloton then you should go for a used Peloton bike. You can find the best-used Peloton on different websites. But finding the best-used Peloton for you is no easy task. You have to find your perfect used Peloton and make your mind that is it really worth buying it. Used Peloton Bikes can be bought from the previous owners. If you have decided to buy a used Peloton Bike then there are several things you need to consider before committing to the purchase.

Let us discuss some of the points here:

Who should buy a used Peloton?

Many people want to buy a new Peloton Bike for their home gym but they do not want to layout a lot of money on the equipment.

Buying a used Peloton might be the better option if you don’t want to spend too much on a bike. Buying a used Peloton will save you some money and still provide the same experience.

There are many reasons why people buy used equipment. They may have outgrown it, need to switch gears, or just don’t want to spend as much on something they’ll use less often.

Advantages of used Peloton

Good used equipment may be cheaper than a new unit. It may also be in better condition than new machines. You can get a good used bike for the same price as a cheap one. If you need to buy one, then you will not have to spend more than you feel comfortable with.

A Peloton Bike is now the standard form of indoor cycling. It is a stationary bike with an attached live internet video feed to an instructor who leads the class in real-time. Riders can choose to watch live or pre-recorded classes by different instructors and find their perfect workout.


A Peloton bike is expensive. It can cost you almost $1600 to buy a new one. But a used Peloton bike can be purchased for half the price of a new bike. It will save you about thirty percent on your purchase price.

If you want to save some money and still want to have the experience of Peloton then you should go for a used Peloton bike.

Live class

As you have saved some money on the purchase, you can use those to buy the monthly subcription. This will enable you to watch live classes, pre-recorded classes and even your goals.

A pre-owned Peloton Bike comes with the same features as a new one. It has a high quality screen attached to its handlebar and attached to an internet stream from live instructors.You can choose between various instructors and can switch from class to class easily.

Disadvantages of used Peloton

Do you know the benefits of buying a used peloton bike? But how about disadvantages? There are a few drawbacks of buying a used peloton.


The main one is the warranty. The new Peloton comes with a 5 years warranty on frames and 1 year warranty on other parts. But in most cases of used Peloton, the warranty period expires.

In case of any problem that occurs due to a defect, you have to fix it yourself at your own expense.

It may still have some issues

It doesn’t matter how thoroughly you check the all parts, there may still have some issues undiscovered. You will only see those problems when you dismantle all the parts of the bike.

You have to bear the costs of any repairs.

In the case of a new Peloton bike, you will get repair charges from the manufacturer. But in case if you buy a used peloton and find any issue in it, then you have to bear all the cost of any repairs.

Repairs are not cheap and may cost as much as buying a new one so it is better to avoid that expense.

Price-wise, you can buy a used bike for much less than buying a new one. And if at all things go wrong with your purchased bike, then there are chances that it would be at least 30% less expensive than the original price of the used bike.

The process can be tricky and actually quite unpleasant.

Another drawback is that you might get a piece of junk. It may be beyond repair and completely worthless. In this situation, you pay lots more money for something that is basically a scrap metal.

Questions to ask the seller before buying used Peloton

Before buying any used Peloton bike, you should consider these questions to ask the seller:

1. Why are you selling?

This should be the first question to ask. You should know the reason why they are selling.

2. Are you the first owner?

You should also ask this question. This is again a quality marker. If there were multiple owners, the bike has been used a lot.

3. Do you have a receipt?

Do not buy anything without seeing the proof of purchase and all relevant documents. You can ask them to show you the receipt of the purchase.

4. What is left on warranty?

You should also ask this question. You need to know what type of warranty that they are getting on it if any.

5. What generation screen does the bike have?

There are 3 Peloton bike generations. Generation one features a quartz show with the model QUARTZ or 001. Generations 2 and 3 have the model numbers of RB1V1 and RB1VQ respectably. If the bike uses an older generation screen, the price will be lower. You can also pay some more if the screen is from 3rd generation as they are fast with a better ram.

6. Would you provide with any other accessories?

Peloton bike has a lot of accessories like mats, cover, seats, headphones, etc. Many people give the accessories with their bike when they are selling. So you should ask if they are giving something.

7. What about the live class subscription?

Ask the seller if the live class subscription is active or not.

From Where Should You Buy Used Peloton Bike?

There are a lot of places from where you can buy a used Peloton Bike. Let’s discuss:

1. Craigslist

This is one of the best places from where you can buy a used Peloton. It will save you a lot of money and gives you a chance to meet some people who are selling their used Peloton. Using Craigslist, you can find everything from motorcycles to automobiles as well as old furniture. Getting the best deal on your bike or any other product is not difficult with this website.

2. eBay

Everything sells on this website and so does Peloton Bikes. There are several Peloton Bikes for sale on eBay. You can buy old peloton bikes easily just as you shop for anything else online. There is a wide range of high-quality used bikes for you to choose from. You just have to search the right category and make your mind that it is really worth buying.

3. Facebook Marketplace

With Facebook Marketplace, people can sell their stuff right from their Facebook Page. You could contact the seller directly and get the best price. Even this is cheap as you may find a peloton seller in your neighborhood. It is a great way to buy a used Peloton.

4. Unofficial facebook buy-sell group

There are some Facebook groups from where you can buy a used Peloton Bike. These groups are informal and have some backdoor rules. If you want to buy a used Peloton Bike from these groups then you should be ready to negotiate the price. Here is an example:

5. From your friends or relatives (Best way to buy)

There are a lot of people who use Peloton bikes and love to use them. You can ask your friends and relatives if they want to sell their Peloton Bikes. You can get a good deal if you get it from your friends. They will sell it for a cheap price as they want to make some money out of it but do not want to throw it away. In fact, this is the best way to buy a used Peloton bike.

What Should You Consider Before Buying a Used Peloton Bike?

Now you have found a used bike but what should you do before buying it? There are several things that you need to consider before buying it.


The very first thing to check is the frame of the used Peloton Bike. The frame of Peloton bike is really important as it should be strong enough to support the weight of the rider. If the frame is not strong then you may fall from your bike and hurt yourself. You should buy only a used Peloton Bike that has a strong frame.

Check if there is any small crack in the frame. If there are any cracks then you should not buy this bike. You may even use a torch to examine the frame. Use your hand to check the flawlessness and smoothness of the frame. If you find any dent on the frame then check again.

If you have examined the frame and found it good enough for your use then you should move to the next step.


The seat of a Peloton bike is important as you will be sitting on it for a long time. However, the seat is probably the easiest part to replace in a used Peloton Bike if it is not comfortable for you. You can just replace the seat with another seat that has a better comfort level for you.

You should check if the seat of used Peloton is flat or not. If it is not flat then there are chances that you may slip from your bike and hurt yourself. Flat seat can also provide some support to your back and spine to stay straight while performing various exercises.

So it is important to check the seat of the used bike as well.


The wheels of a Peloton Bike are also really important. You should always check the condition of the wheels and make your mind that it is good enough for your use. The wheels of the Peloton give you the feel of the real road vibrations. If the wheels are not that good then you may not feel the real feeling of the road. It will also provide smoothness to your ride and make your exercise experience better.

If you have checked the wheels and found them good enough for your use then you may continue checking other parts of the used bike.

Drive train

The drive train of a peloton bike is what causes the wheels to rotate by way of pedaling. It is also what serves as the connection between the bicycle’s crank set and its chain rings. You should check the drive train of a used Peloton bike and make your mind about it. If the drive train is broken, then you will have difficulty to use this bike. So, it is necessary to check the drive train before buying.


The Brake of a Peloton bike is what helps you to stop or slow down the bike. You should check whether the brakes are in a good condition or not. Broken brakes will not let you stop your bike properly and may even harm you if something goes wrong. So, you should always check the brakes and make your mind about it.


The screen of Peloton is crucial as you will have attend live classes. The discplay is used to show all the data related to your cycling. So check the screen carefully if there is any problem on the screen.

After checking these things, you can buy a used Peloton Bike from best peloton bike sale

If all these parts are good enough for your use and you feel comfortable with them, then you may go ahead and buy the used Peloton bike.

Check All Parts of the Used Peloton Bike

If you have found a good used peloton already then you can move on further and check all parts of it properly. This will help you to identify if there are any problems with these parts or not.

After inspecting all these parts thoroughly, only then you can make up a mind.

Trial Drive the Used Peloton

Once you check all of the parts we mentioned above, you should give the used bike a try to see whether it fits your need or not. If it fits your need, then you can buy that used bike.

You may also try the used Peloton Bike for some time to make sure if it is in a good condition. Take out all your worries and try the bike. This way you will be able to check if the used bike is durable or not. If you feel like it is good enough then go ahead and buy it.

Frequently Asked Question on Used Peloton Bike

1. How much should I pay for a used Peloton Bike?

There is no direct answer to this question. It totally depends on your requirements and the quality of used bike.

You will get a good used Peloton bike at a very cheap price if it is given by your friends or relatives. They will sell it very cheap as the only objective for them is to get rid of it without spending much money.

2. Which one is better? New or used peloton bike?

A new peloton bike will be more expensive than the used one. However, this question will also depend on your requirements and your budget. If you have enough budget, why would you bother to buy a used one!

3. Can the seller transfer over the bike warranty to me?

No. Peloton will not offer any warranty service to the buyer of a used bike. They only offer the warranty to the original buyer. As we already mentioned above, you will have to take all the responsibility for the used bike. You should therefore take all possible care of this bike and see that it is in a good condition, before buying it.
However, if you are buying from your friend or relative, they can claim the warrant on your behalf.

4. Can the seller transfer their prepaid membership credits to me?

Yes, they can. The seller can transfer every credit that they have with Peloton to you. They just ned to mail to


If you are planning to buy a used peloton bike then just make sure and check all of its parts. Go through the steps mentioned above before buying a used bike. This way you will be able to find out whether the bike is in a good condition or not. However, you should remember that Peloton offers no warranty for any used bikes.

I hope these used Peloton bike tips will help you to buy one. Cheers!

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