Top 6 Best Peloton Bike Cleats Review 2021

Cleats are the metal clips that attach to your pedals and your bike. They are an important thing for your Peloton shoes. There are many types of cleats available in the market. But Peloton is compatible with only two types of cleats: SPD-SL and Look Delta.

Today, I am going to list the top 6 best Peloton bike cleats with detailed information.

Top 6 Best Peloton Bike Cleats

The LOOK Delta Road Cleats are a recommended cleat for Peloton bikes. The cleats are a little bit more expensive than the other brands, but they offer the Peloton user better traction and disengage as needed. This makes them safer and more reliable when it comes to their function. These cleats come in all sizes, giving riders the option to choose whichever one best fits their needs.

The LOOK Delta Road Cleats are one of the top 5 best Peloton bike cleats on the market because they offer riders better traction and reliability than cheaper options, yet they are still affordable for most high-end cyclists who want high quality at a lower price point.

This bi-material Peloton bike cleat is more durable. This is a black cleat. That means it is fixed. So, it is definitely a good option for Peloton shoes.


Shimano SPD-SL Cleat Set is another good Peloton bike cleat though it is not a look delta model. But SPD-SL is compatible with Peloton bike. Good news for Shimano lovers.

This cleat set is a good option for indoor cyclists who want a less expensive cleat for their Peloton bike, yet they do not want to compromise on quality.

It is available in different sizes, so there are several options to choose from when purchasing this model. The 6-degree float is okay for both beginners and professionals.

3. BV Bike Cleats – Best Peloton Cleats (Overall)

BV Bike Cleats is another top-rated cleat for Peloton bikes. The 3-hole adjustable system makes the adjustment easy and stable. Also, the lack of metal on these cleats means that they are much more durable than many other cleats in their price range.

The 9-degree float system is a huge plus point for Peloton riders. The float system allows riders to easily and quickly engage the pedals while still offering 3 degrees of movement for their foot.

This model also comes with a secure engagement system, which keeps the rider safe during their workouts.

It is very easy to use and works perfectly well on a Peloton bike.

4. SHIMANO Cleats SPD-SL – Peloton Compatible Cleats

The Shimano Cleats SPD-SL is a popular choice for riders that have a Peloton bike and use clipless pedals. This is one of two types of cleats that fit on the Peloton Bike, so you can be sure they are compatible with your pedals. The SPD-SL design does make the pedal less sensitive than some of the other models, but it also offers better traction.

These are an affordable option for those riders who want a clipless pedal system but don’t want to spend too much money on multiple pairs of pedals or shoe attachments.

It is built with high-impact plastic and stainless steel so they are very durable, despite their lower price point. They work well in many different types of weather conditions.

This is one of the top 5 best Peloton bike cleats on the market because they offer riders a clipless pedal system without paying too much money for it. They are made with quality materials and offer 2 years of warranty.

5. Look Delta System Red Cleats

The Look Delta System Red Cleats have been rated as one of the best Peloton bike cleats on the market due to the quality and affordability, along with an attractive appearance. They are easily adjustable for a secure fit and offer excellent durability for Peloton users. The toe-to-heel movement is limited so you don’t have to worry about your feet slipping off when you’re pulling hard on one pedal at a time or coasting downhills.

The 9-degree float is good for both beginners and experienced riders. The float system allows you to adjust the position of your foot while still offering a comfortable setting. It’s also designed to easily engage the pedal when you’re in an easy riding position and disengage when you’re more advanced.

6. SPD Bike Cleats – 6 Degree Float Cleats for Peloton

SPD Bike Cleats is compatible with SPD-SL. So, you don’t have to worry. It is a quality Peloton bike cleat. This Peloton cleat is made of solid heavy-duty engineering thermoplastic. So, it is very durable. It comes with a 6-degree float self-locking system, which helps to reduce pedal pain and fatigue during riding.

It is very easy to use and works perfectly well on a Peloton bike. The anti-slip feature ensures the correct position and stability of cycling. It comes with a screw set which comes very handy when you will be going to install the cleat. The installation will be done very easily by beginners.

The 3-hole design helps to distribute pressure over the shoes during pedaling. This model is good for indoor cyclists who are looking for a quality option that offers more comfort than cheaper cleats.

Do You Need Cleats for Peloton Bike?

Do You Need Cleats for Peloton Bike?

The Peloton Bike is a high-end exercise bike that works well for both beginners and professionals. It’s just like a regular spin bike except it has a screen that connects to Peloton digital fitness classes. This connection allows you to participate in live class classes with other riders, as well as on-demand workouts.

The Peloton Bike comes with pedals, but if you want to use the clipless pedals, you’ll need cleats. I would recommend using cleats for a better spin bike experience.

How to set up Peloton cleats?

The most important thing to know is that your shoes are going to be attached to the Peloton bike, so it is important that you have the right size pedals. If you have a standard pedal set, you will want to install your cleats with these.

Let’s see how to set up Peloton cleats easily:

Setp 1: Mark the Ball of the Foot

After putting on your shoes you need to mark the ball of your foot on the shoe using a color. This is to ensure that this part of the shoes will fit perfectly into the pedals.

Step 2: Install the cleat

Now you need to install the cleat. Your cleat should have a line too. Match the line you drew before with that. Insert the washer and bolt and then tighten them with an Allen wrench. Now you need to remove the bolt.

What to consider before buying the cleat for Peloton bike?

When you are planning to buy the cleat for the Peloton bike, you need to consider some factors. Here is the list of those considerations:

1. Float

This is the first thing you should consider. If you are a beginner and don’t have a good balance, then you need to go with the limited float. It will help to make sure your foot stays on the pedal at all times.

Float refers to the number of degrees the cleat can pivot around the shoe. The higher the degree of float, the more movement there will be in relation to the shoe. A 9-degree float is ideal for beginners and comfort riders and a zero-degree float is ideal for advanced riders who may need to do a lot of spinning during an intense workout or competition.

What to consider before buying the cleat for Peloton bike?

2. Material

This is the second thing you should consider. The cleat needs to be made of a light material that is fairly durable in order to reduce the weight. If it’s too heavy, your feet will sink down and you won’t be able to hold your balance due to the problem of the high center of gravity.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What type of cleats do Peloton bikes use?

The Peloton bike uses Delta-compatible cleats. But it is compatible with SPD SL cleats as well. These cleats lock in place when you are pedaling and spin. They are the standard type of cleat that most spin bikes use.

2. Can one use a Peloton bike without cleats?

Yes, why not. But you will have to do hard work for it and will require some special shoes.


Cleats are an essential accessory if you want to use clipless pedals on your Peloton bike. But if you are still confused about which one to choose, we would recommend you to go through our list of the top 6 best Peloton bike cleats again. These all are high-quality Peloton bike cleats that come with easy installation features.

I hope this post has helped you to choose the best cleats for the Peloton bike.

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Happy Cycling!

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