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gymCentral makes training at home interactive, addictive and fun, and is scientifically proven to be usable and effective for seniors of any age


With gymCentral you don't have to train alone anymore, meet new people, and train togheter in the gym class.


gymCentral has been thoughtfully designed to make it easy to use by seniors of any age.

Professional Coaches

The courses are created and curated by professional trainers with background on training for seniors. Each exercise has different levels and coaches decide the best level for you.

If you are a coach, look what you can do


Maria - 72 - Trento 2014

I tripped on the staris but I was able to not fall making a quick recovery step. Without exercising I would have fall, thanks gymcentral!

Paolo - 67

Even if it's raining outside we can keep training in our "gym" staying at home.

gymCentral is integrated with these sensors